Stallion Service Application Old


1) To download pdf file, right-click the link below and choose "Save As."

2) Once the pdf is downloaded to your computer, you can either fill out the application on your computer
(NOTE: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) or print out the pdf and fill out by hand.

3) If you filled out the pdf on your computer, you can email the filled-out pdf to
If you prefer to fax or mail in your application, please use the information found on the form.

Please fill out the form below.        * indicates a required field.

Information you enter will be sent to Kentuckiana Farms, and you will be contacted
when the farm staff has had a chance to review your request.


Please use this field to enter any additional information you consider necessary to complete your application.
(e.g. a list of additional owner names, addresses & percentages if there are more than 3 owners)


PLEASE NOTE: You must review the Online Application Form Terms & Conditions prior to filling it out. Those terms and conditions can be found HERE

I hereby apply to breed the above-mentioned mare to the above-mentioned stallion, based on the information supplied above and subject to the Stallion Service Application Terms and Conditions which I have carefully read and which I agree to be the contract between us if and when the approval is signed by Kentuckiana Farms.
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